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About the Committee

ASC Technology Committee


The ASC Technology Committee examines and understands emerging imaging technologies so that it may advise its membership and the motion picture industry in the convergence of these technologies with traditional motion picture techniques. It is the responsibility of the ASC Technology Committee to represent the combined interests of its membership by influencing the supporting industries to seek solutions that further the overall goals of the ASC for Loyalty, Progress and Artistry.

The ASC Technology Committee shall:

  • Advise the ASC membership about the challenging technology issues affecting cinematography and how these issues impact the role of the cinematographer.
  • Influence the production community, as well as standards setting organizations worldwide.
  • Support ASC Education Committee in furthering the education of cinematography students.

ASC Technology Committee Roster:

  • Curtis Clark, ASC: Chair
  • Richard Edlund, ASC: Vice Chair
  • Steven Poster, ASC: Vice Chair
  • David Reisner: Secretary

Sub Committees of the ASC Technology Committee:

  • Advanced Imaging
    Gary Demos: Chair
    Jim Fancher: Vice-Chair
    Phil Feiner: Vice-Chair
    David Reisner: Secretary
  • Camera
    Dave Stump, ASC: Chair
    Richard Edlund, ASC: Vice-Chair
    • 3D Stem
      David Stump, ASC: Chair
      David Reisner: Vice-Chair
  • Digital Display
    Jim Fancher: Co-Chair
    Alan Hart: Co-Chair
  • Digital Intermediate
    Lou Levinson: Chair
    Joshua Pines: Vice-Chair
    David Reisner: Secretary
  • Film and Digital Preservation/Archiving
    John Bailey, ASC: Chair
    Grover Crisp: Co-Chair
    Garrett Smith: Co-Chair
  • Enlightenment
    Richard Edlund, ASC: Chair
    Stephanie Argy
  • Metadata
    Dave Stump, ASC: Chair
    Jim Houston
  • Production and Postproduction Workflow
    Al Barton: Co-Chair
    Gary Morse: Co-Chair
  • Virtual Production Committee
    David Morin: Chair
    John Scheele: Vice-Chair
    Stephanie Argy: Secretary