John's Bailiwick  |  10/24/2016

    The Joy of Filmmaking


    A few weeks ago, a friend in academia asked me for my thoughts on shooting with film cameras rather than on digital video — not to rank one technology over the other, but simply to compare the aesthetic experience of working with each one. Is using film and film cameras onerous work that distracts from the filmmakers’ creative vision because of the format’s inherent limitations? Or does working with the more-than-century-old technology offer unique experiences that are lost in the digital universe?

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    The Film Book  |  10/6/2016

    A Revolutionary Screening From Ang Lee


    During IBC I had the rare privilege of catching a glimpse of the future of cinema, thanks to Ang Lee and friends. The experience was at once lifelike and dazzling, visceral and natural, extraordinary and very ordinary… This post details the screening at IBC. I am also writing an in-depth article about Billy Lynn’s Long

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    The Film Book  |  9/27/2016

    IBC 2016 Photo Album

    IBC 2016 photo album by Benjamin B

    I recently attended IBC, the best and biggest European trade show for cinema and television tools, held in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. In my next post I will address some of the technological topics and products I saw there, but first I wanted to share a photo album of my visit, featuring some of

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    Harry Crews: The Bard of Bacon County

    The voices Harry Crews heard during his childhood, under summer night skies and in front of winter’s crackling hearth, the stories told among friends and family, the characters drawn out of local history (part anecdotal, part pure storytelling), did not merely inform the writer-to-be, but embedded their hard-won truths into his blood, bone and marrow.

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    Parallax View  |  9/14/2016

    John Schwartzman, ASC Discusses Large-Format Optics

    Director of Photography John Schwartzman on the set of Columbia Pictures' "The Amazing Spider-Man," starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

      I had the chance to speak with John Schwartzman recently, and our conversation turned to technology, as it often does. Soon after finishing work on The Founder, about the fast-food pioneer Ray Kroc, John had an opportunity to visit Panavision to see the new Millennium DXL digital camera, which combines an 8K imager manufactured

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    John's Bailiwick  |  9/12/2016

    The Most Remarkable and Strange Life of Erwin Blumenfeld


    If it were conceived as a motion-picture screenplay, Erwin Blumenfeld’s life would read like an ill-conceived mashup of contradictory forces. He was an avant-garde Dadaist-turned-high-fashion-magazine sellout, a happily married father of three-turned-Humbert Humbert sexagenarian in sexual thrall to a woman almost 45 years younger, and a German Jew filled with a moral life force so strong that he dared to caricature Hitler while he was still a vulnerable émigré in Amsterdam.

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    IBC 2016 Preview

    IBC 2016 - September 9 - 13 - Amsterdam

    This post offers a preview of the upcoming IBC trade event that starts in Amsterdam on Friday. I will also write my usual post after my visit to IBC. 1. IBC 2. Themes 3. Big Screen 4. Ang Lee & friends 5. Navigating +++ 1. IBC The International Broadcasting Convention, or IBC for short, is

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