The Film Book  |  1/15/2017

    2016 In Review


    Happy New Year! January is the occasion to look back at new and recurrent cinematic trends of the past year, while also recalling some of the wonderful films I’ve seen in 2016… Trends 1. Chivo’s New Naturalism 2. Cine Expressionism 3. Poetic Rhythms 4. Variations 5. African-American Filmmakers 6. LED Lighting 7. Large Format 8.

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    Parallax View  |  1/3/2017

    Jon Joffin, ASC Blends Old and New Technologies


    Jon Joffin has always been open to new technologies. He was among the earliest to shoot on the Sony F900 and the ARRI D20, the latter of which he used in 2008 on four episodes of The Andromeda Strain, earning an Emmy nomination in the process. “Log was not even a thing back them,” he says

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    Abbas Kiarostami: The Roads Taken


    This year has seen the passing of three of cinema’s greatest contemporary artists: Jacques Rivette, Andrzej Wajda and Abbas Kiarostami. Though he is not well known in the West, Kiarostami occupied a spot in Iranian art and society as significant as Rivette and Wajda’s in their respective countries. But Kiarostami was not only a filmmaker; he was also and foremost an artist in every way you can define that term.

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    The Lifelong Sigh of Don Luis Buñuel


    From age 8 to 15, Luis Buñuel studied at a local Jesuit school that was ruled with iron discipline. It is perhaps little wonder that his mature life and work were informed by a fierce anti-clerical aesthetic and a resistance to institutional authority. In an irony totally in harmony with the director’s ethos, his movies are, nevertheless, suffused with themes of sin and forgiveness, and present sexual obsession and perversion alongside self-flagellating chastity.

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    Parallax View  |  12/1/2016

    Fiore and Prieto Choose Film

    Cinematographer Mauro Fiore on the set of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Columbia Pictures' THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

    The declining use of film negative, after years of losing ground in feature film production, seems to have leveled off. And using the venerable format is still a viable creative option, especially on bigger productions. Mauro Fiore, ASC worked with film negative in the anamorphic format on his recent western remake The Magnificent Seven. Director Antoine Fuqua

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    The Film Book  |  11/22/2016

    Raoul Coutard, Cinema Revolutionary


    The great Raoul Coutard died recently, I offer my condolences to his family and friends. Coutard was a seminal figure in world cinema, and influenced an entire generation of cinematographers. I was fortunate to interview Raoul at length on several occasions. The text below is adapted from some of my writings about him. Raoul Coutard

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