Markus Brunetti: Ecclesiastical Façades


    Standing before a 10’-tall high-resolution photographic work by Markus Brunetti of a centuries-old European church is a familiar yet disquieting experience — familiar if you’ve been lucky enough to see the church in person, and disquieting because you have never, in fact, seen it look quite like this.

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    Lulu Seduces Kentridge at the Met


    South African printmaker/film-animation artist William Kentridge enjoys a foray into the madness of grand opera every five years or so. His complex production of Lulu at the Metropolitan Opera will play in theaters Nov. 21.

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    ‘Trick of the Light’: The Hollywood Pioneers


    In 1980, Thames TV broadcast a 13-part history of Hollywood silent movies titled Hollywood. It was written, produced and directed by David Gill and Kevin Brownlow. Since the publication in 1968 of Brownlow’s first book, The Parade’s Gone By, a lavishly illustrated account of the pioneers of silent cinema, Brownlow has been the veritable point man on the era.

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    Sally Mann Commands: Hold Still


    If your photographic weapon of choice happens to be, like Sally Mann’s, an unwieldy 8×10 view camera complete with 19th-century evocative black drape cloth, the spontaneity of a selfie or even a Garry Winogrand street grab is not your preferred armament.

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    The Artist Project at the Met


    Several years ago, the Metropolitan Museum of Art posted on its website a series of slideshow videos highlighting individual works in its voluminous collections. It was an eclectic selection, ranging from major European paintings to small Japanese netsuke. Once a week, a Met curator from the featured department guided the viewer into an up-close examination

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