Webb Finds Inspiration on Silent War

    Webb lines up a shot for Silent War.

    Billy Webb, ASC, may hold the unofficial record for a cinematographer’s longevity on a single television series, having logged 13 seasons on the original NCIS. During a recent hiatus from the series, he volunteered on a different type of project: Silent War, a short film about a military servicewoman who is raped by an officer.

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    Totino Laments Disappearance of Craft


    “It’s great that you can get a digital camera, shoot something nice for your reel and edit it on your computer, but how do you learn how to run a crew? How do you know how to deal with the production? How do you know how to shoot a three-page scene while the weather’s changing on you?”

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    Goodich Recalls Path to ASC

    Frederic Goodich, ASC, at work on a jeans commercial.

    Like many ASC members, Frederic Goodich almost took a different career path. Parents tend to push their children in the direction of economic security. In Fred’s case, the more secure profession was chemist. “My uncle was a chemist who co-developed the Kent Micronite filter, and my best friend in high school took that path. But I soon realized I had a stronger drive to be some form of an artist.”

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    Bartley Checks into Bates Motel after Travels

    John Bartley, ASC, CSC

    John Bartley, ASC, CSC, recently returned from his first-ever trip to Camerimage, where he chaired the jury for the TV Pilots competition. The stop in Poland dovetailed neatly with his trip to Moscow, where he did some additional photography for Insomnia, a series he shot earlier this year.

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