Jackie – Interview with Director Pablo Larraín


    Pablo Larraín is the director of Jackie, the powerful film shot by Stéphane Fontaine, AFC. This post is an expanded version of my interview with Larraín published in the January issue of American Cinematographer, with additional illustrations and comments that we couldn’t fit in the print version. You may also want to read my expanded

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    Jackie — Interview with Cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine, AFC


    This post is an expanded version of my interview with the cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine, AFC, published in the January issue of American Cinematographer, about his work on Jackie, directed by Pablo Larrain, with additional illustrations and comments that we couldn’t fit in the print version. You may also be interested in my expanded interview with Pablo Larrain.

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    2016 In Review


    Happy New Year! January is the occasion to look back at new and recurrent cinematic trends of the past year, while also recalling some of the wonderful films I’ve seen in 2016… Trends 1. Chivo’s New Naturalism 2. Cine Expressionism 3. Poetic Rhythms 4. Variations 5. African-American Filmmakers 6. LED Lighting 7. Large Format 8.

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    Raoul Coutard, Cinema Revolutionary


    The great Raoul Coutard died recently, I offer my condolences to his family and friends. Coutard was a seminal figure in world cinema, and influenced an entire generation of cinematographers. I was fortunate to interview Raoul at length on several occasions. The text below is adapted from some of my writings about him. Raoul Coutard

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    Camerimage 2016 Program


    Greetings from Bydgoszcz, Poland, where the Camerimage International Film Festival just started. Camerimage is the biggest and best cinematography festival in the world and attracts famous masters, emerging cinematographers, film students and other filmmakers from across the world. Camerimage is a heady mixture of screenings, seminars, workshops and parties. This post gives you a preview

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    A Revolutionary Screening From Ang Lee


    During IBC I had the rare privilege of catching a glimpse of the future of cinema, thanks to Ang Lee and friends. The experience was at once lifelike and dazzling, visceral and natural, extraordinary and very ordinary… This post details the screening at IBC. I am also writing an in-depth article about Billy Lynn’s Long

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    IBC 2016 Photo Album

    IBC 2016 photo album by Benjamin B

    I recently attended IBC, the best and biggest European trade show for cinema and television tools, held in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. In my next post I will address some of the technological topics and products I saw there, but first I wanted to share a photo album of my visit, featuring some of

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    IBC 2016 Preview

    IBC 2016 - September 9 - 13 - Amsterdam

    This post offers a preview of the upcoming IBC trade event that starts in Amsterdam on Friday. I will also write my usual post after my visit to IBC. 1. IBC 2. Themes 3. Big Screen 4. Ang Lee & friends 5. Navigating +++ 1. IBC The International Broadcasting Convention, or IBC for short, is

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