Christopher Doyle Interview: Being There / Ready, Harris & Gus

 Part 3 of my interview with cinematographer Christopher Doyle at the Camerimage Festival. Here he talks about the artistic process on the set, and the collaboration between his friends Harris Savides & Gus van Sant.

chris doyle and harris savides Camerimage 2007 - photo benjaminb-

Chris Doyle and Harris Savides at Camerimage 2007 (photo Benjamin B)


there & ready

Christopher Doyle starts here with the frustration of an error due to a moment’s inattention, and stresses the importance of “being there” on set.

Chris also speaks about “being ready” for collaboration, giving the example of the magnificent collaboration between the late Harris Savides and Gus van Sant, on the director’s so-called “death trilogy”: Gerry, Elephant and Last Days.

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The interview was shot during the 2012 Camerimage Festival which featured several tributes to Harris Savides, the speakers included friends and collaborators Gus van Sant, Anthony Dod Mantle, Chris Doyle, Ed Lachman and Jason McCormick.



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