VR Cinema 3: Cameras


    Greetings from Normandie. This is the third post in my series on Virtual Reality Cinema. My first post introduced the Google Cardboard headset. My second post presented the Cardboard app, and showed the mapping of a sphere on to a flat equi-rectangular image.

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    VR Cinema 2: Image Spheres


    Greetings from Forza d’Agro in Sicily, where I am attending the Terre di Cinema cinematography event. This post continues my investigation of Virtual Reality Cinema. If you haven’t read my first post about Google Cardboard, I encourage you to do so now.

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    VR Cinema 1: Google Cardboard

    google cardboard -thefilmbook-

    2015 may well mark a turning point in the development of immersive, Virtual Reality Cinema. This post is an introduction to the cheapest immersive cinema viewer: the Google Cardboard. My next posts will investigate production possibilities to create VR cinema.

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    Video of Roger Deakins Tribute in Cannes


    Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, received the Angénieux ExcelLens prize for cinematography during the Cannes Film Festival last month. This post looks back at the ExcelLens ceremony, and features video of some of the speeches given by Deakins, the Coen brothers, and actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Frances McDormand.

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    Cinematographers at Cannes 2015

    The 2015 Cannes Film Festival has just begun. Although there is a lot of publicity about the films and directors at Cannes, much less is said about the cinematographers. As a start, this post lists some of the films that will be screened in the next 11 days, and identifies some of cinematographers involved. There are,

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    Gordon Willis: A Web Reference


    This post is a Web reference for the late, great Gordon Willis, ASC, with annotated links to all the interesting online texts and videos, interviews and articles, that I could find about the cinematographer. In a future post, I will offer a conclusion to my three previous posts about Gordon Willis. The posts were based

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