Video Interview with Bradford Young, ASC – Part 1

thefilmbook by Benjamin B
This post presents part 1 of a video interview I did with Bradford Young, ASC, during Camerimage. Our discussion was a follow-up to a lively press conference where Bradford spoke at length about his experience as an African-American filmmaker and the political implications of cinema and cinematography.

Bradford Young, ASC, during our conversation

Bradford Young, ASC, during our conversation at Camerimage


1. Bradford Young

Bradford Young is a powerful cinematographer who has distinguished himself in the past decade with a series of striking independent features. His film credits include: Pariah (2011), Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013), Mother of George (2013), Selma (2014), A Most Violent Year (2014), Pawn Sacrifice (2015) and Arrival (2016).

Bradford has received an Independent Spirit prize, and awards from the Sundance Festival and BET, as well as BAFTA and Oscar nominations for his beautifully subdued work on Arrival by Denis Villeneuve, which also earned him the Silver Frog at Camerimage. It’s worth noting that Bradford is the first African-American to be nominated for a cinematography Oscar.

Bradford is presently working on the next Star Wars film.


2. Video Interview – Part 1

Our video discussion was shot by French cinematographer Eloi Rimmelspacher in my room at the Holiday Inn during Camerimage. Sitting in were Matthew — a friend of Bradford’s who offered to do the lighting — and my friend (and ASC Associate member) Dan Sasaki from Panavision, who arrived during the interview.

view on YouTube

The video credits are:

A movie by Benjamin B
Camera by Eloi Rimmelspacher
Lighting by Bradford’s friend Matthew Zschoche
Edited by Benjamin B
Thanks to Bradford Young



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