Stephen Lighthill, ASC Hosts 35mm Showcase at AFI

On Thursday, June 2, a group of 19 Cinematography Fellows from the American Film Institute will showcase their unique shorts during the Eighth Annual AFI Conservatory Visual Essays event, all shot on 35mm film.

Stephen Lighthill, ASC Photo by Douglas Kirkland

Stephen Lighthill, ASC in photo by Douglas Kirkland.

The projects were all created without dialogue, using visual storytelling to create a pure cinematic experience.

The event will be presented by Stephen Lighthill, ASC, Senior Filmmaker-in-Residence (Cinematography).

The AFI is the only film school in the nation to offer a showcase of 35mm MOS filmmaking.

For more than 20 years, 35mm film has been part of the AFI Conservatory Cinematography program, which has trained such artists as Janusz Kamiński (AFI Class of 1987), Matthew Libatique, ASC (AFI Class of 1992), Wally Pfister, ASC (AFI Class of 1988) and Robert Richardson, ASC (AFI Class of 1979).

The Eighth Annual AFI Conservatory Visual Essays screenings will begin 7:00 p.m. at the AFI’s Mark Goodson Screening Room, followed by a reception.