Episode 60: Twin Peaks Pilot (1990)

Now Playing: Twin Peaks Pilot (1990) / Ron Garcia, ASC

73 minutes | audio


Ron Garcia, ASC, cinematographer

Jim Hemphill, host

Cinematographer Ron Garcia, ASC, recalls shooting the Twin Peaks pilot for director David Lynch. He discusses why he was an unlikely choice for the project, how he coaxed the desired warm tones out of his Fuji negative, and the importance of working with a great gaffer.


About the Project

“She’s dead, wrapped in plastic.” With those words, one of television’s most famous murder mysteries begins to unfold. Twin Peaks was David Lynch’s first foray into television, and fans knew the director of Eraserhead and Blue Velvet would bring something unique to the small screen. Lynch recruited Ron Garcia, ASC, to shoot the pilot, and Garcia received his first ASC Award nomination for his work on the project. He collaborated with Lynch again on the feature Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and the TV series On the Air. Garcia’s credits also include the series Numb3rs, Providence and Crime Story.

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